System on Demand on Railway

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Sodor is a development project of virtualized infrastructure management system. It's highly impressed by the story of "Thomas and his friends", a story about steam engines on an island sodor.

sodor is a small island and there is some branches of railways. Thomas and his friends, including James and Percy, explore on his own branch. of course they have their own loads, coaches.

In my concept, "the island sodor" is whole system. It has one control tower and shared facilities like water tower, coal supplier, or storage backup system. railway branches are groups or clusters of physical nodes, so they share same way, same loads, and same rules of management. each independent engines has his own name, so they are really, significantly, important. but for passengers and coaches, they are just a source of the power to run, and they don't care the engines, or physical machines of virtualized infrastructure it self. finally, passengers just buy a ticket to ride, according to the type of seat and distance of their destination, not for the engine. yes, it almost same to our "Virtualized Infrastructure" or "Cloud Computing" concept.

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