Character Profile


Thomas was one of the first engines who helped to build the railway. He began as a cheeky, fussy engine who began life shunting at Vicarstown. He eventually grew bored being stuck in the yard and wanted to see the world, resulting in a few follies like leaving behind his first passenger train and almost having an accident with delivering some trucks to Edward’s Station. The Fat Controller ended up feeling sorry for him, and knew that he was a special little engine.

Thomas eventually proved his worth after rescuing James after an accident. As a reward, that Fat Controller gave Thomas his own Branch Line, which starts from Knapford and ends at Ffarquhar. He enjoys running it as efficiently as he can, with his two carriages Annie and Clarabel, and his friends Percy, Toby, Daisy and Mavis.


Edward is the oldest engine on Sodor. He was brought to help Thomas build the railway many years ago, and over the years his patience and experience with trucks has made him very popular to everyone. Whenever anyone has a problem, they can always rely on Edward, who proves time and again just what an old engine can do!

After much hard work, the Fat Controller rewarded him with his own Branch line, which runs from Wellsworth (known as Edward's Station) and end up at Brendam Docks.


Henry was described as “bigger than James but smaller than Gordon”. Unfortunately, he was a bad steamer, and sometimes found it hard to pull his trains. The problem was that the Fat Controller ordered an engine very much like Gordon, but ended up with “a cross between Gordon and a Nightmare!” He found a temporary solution to his problems with the help of a healthy amount of Welsh Coal - but after an accident with “The Flying Kipper”, Henry was sent to Crewe and returned home with a new shape and a larger firebox. Even so, he still suffers from minor problems now and again!


Gordon is the railway’s main Express engine, bought a while after Thomas, Edward and Henry had almost finished building the railway. Large and proud, he enjoys pulling the Express and looking splendid, but always looks out for the other engines sometimes when he is not too busy boasting! In 1922, he stalled on the hill near Wellsworth, where he was helped by Edward - this has been forever known as “Gordon’s Hill”. Gordon was the original, experimental prototype for Gresley's A3 Pacifics.


James is a mixed-traffic engine with a brass dome. When he first came to Sodor, he was painted black and had a dreadful accident with trucks due to useless wooden brake blocks. After being mended, he was given a new red coat which he shows off with pride, and settled down to be Really Useful.

He is a very conceited engine, who likes nothing more than to show off his paintwork whilst pulling passengers - but being mixed-traffic he also has his fair share of the goods work and does his best not let the dirty trucks spoil his coat!


No one knows where he really came from, but Percy was brought in to deal with shunting duties at Tidmouth after Thomas went to run his Branch Line. After the work in the yard became too heavy for him, he was re-assigned to help build the harbour near Knapford and then enrolled to help run Thomas’s Branch Line, with Duck taking over shunting duties in the yard. He’s a cheeky engine who loves to play jokes, which sometimes get him into trouble, and is often misunderstanding new words or phrases which sound puzzling to him.


Toby was brought to Sodor following the closure of his own line back in England. He had had little work there following the aquisition of most of his work by the lorries and buses, but by lucky coincidence, was met by a Stout Gentleman and his family who were on holiday in his part of the world and who eventually bought him to solve a problem on his own Railway. Toby has proved useful for the purpose of running on the Ffarquhar branch line. He is one of only two engines allowed to run to the Quarry at Anophia (the other being Mavis) and often takes workmen's trains down to the Harbour at Knapford.


Duck was brought in originally to replace Percy as station pilot at Tidmouth in 1955. Formerly of Paddington, he is very proud of being Great Western. Duck's work in the yard merited him with the chance to run his own branch line on the Arlesburgh line down to meet the Small Railway Engines and carry both ballast and passengers. He works this line with the help of Donald, Douglas and Oliver, another Great Western engine.


When the Fat Controller ordered a Caledonian Goods engine from Scotland, he never quite expected to find two arriving on his railway as opposed to one. He had ordered No.57646, however, the twin 57647 also arrived as well. The two refused to tell which was which and left The Fat Controller with the dilemma of choosing between them. He soon found they both performed equally as good as one another, albiet with both of them running into some kind of bother or another! But after their performance in the snow in the midsts of a bad winter, he decided to keep them both, which proved a wise choice!


Oliver came to Sodor in a way very different to the rest of the engines. His sympathetic crew chose to break away with him and give him the chance of a new life, as opposed to one last gasp with the cutter's torch. After making a daring escape, they were soon stopped dead in their tracks when they ran out of fuel and couldn't make more steam. All looked set to be lost until they met Douglas who was doing the late night goods train to the other railway. He saved Oliver and brought him to the Fat Controller's Railway, where he now works on Duck's Branch line. He has learnt much from his early days when he was pushed into the turntable well by unruly trucks, and proved to be a useful engine!

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